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CONNECT - Leading From the Heart

Humans are social creatures, built to thrive when connecting with others in a safe, caring, environment. Click on the Lead Human logo to learn more about the topic.


Competencies that help leaders CONNECT include:

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Strengths-based development

  • Building effective teams

Knowledge that helps leaders CONNECT includes:

  • Behavioral neuroscience

  • How mental health & wellbeing impacts the workplace

  • Self awareness

Mindsets that help leaders CONNECT include:  

  • Compassion

  • Humility

  • Growth mindset

Practices that help leaders CONNECT include: 

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Precision leadership (or individualized, personalized, leadership)

  • Build self awareness by getting a coach

Business Outcomes:

  • Diversity

  • Engagement

  • Customer satisfaction

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