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Emotional Intelligence Consulting

  My Top 3 Most Requested Keynotes

I have given keynote addresses at a variety of conferences and workshops across the nation. These speeches have the power to ignite a fire in business leaders and encourage them to make radical changes in their organizations. I have several different keynotes, but here are the three that get most requested.


  Leadership is Love


One of the biggest things I've learned through my work with emotional intelligence consulting, is that love is all around us - yes, even in the workplace. When people love their jobs and their company, they are happier, better performing, and less likely to suffer from burnout. Developing a culture of love in your organization is the key to success.


  Work as a Path to Wellbeing


People spend, on average, 40 hours per week at their jobs. If you exclude the average 7 hours of sleep per night, full-time workers often spend more time at work than at home. This can easily cause burnout if you don't take the right steps to prevent it. Your work should bring you joy and fulfillment so you can lead a happier life.


  The Secret to Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution


In order to stay ahead of the competition, you always have to be looking to the future for what's next. Adapting to a changing environment is no longer a great skill to have, it's necessary to stay ahead. Those who don't will fall behind and may never be able to catch up and get back on top.


  Book Keynotes with Lead Human!


If you'd like me to come to your organization or event to share more about one of these or my other keynotes, please don't hesitate to give me a call today! We can discuss your goals for the speech and tailor it to suit your event.

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