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Coaching Programs

  • EI Coaching

    Emotional Intelligence Coaching - Full Program
    • ESCI 360 Assessment and Debrief
    • Coaching intake and joint goal setting session
    • Six 1-hour coaching sessions
    • Goleman EI Build your Emotional Intelligence 6-week course
    • Goleman EI Lead with Emotional Intelligence 6-week course
    • 12 Habits of Mind Journaling
  • Development Coaching

    Leadership Maturity Coaching - Vertical Development
    • Coaching intake and goal setting
    • Leadership Maturity Assessment (MAP), Orientation & Debrief
    • Six 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Built For You

    Personalized Coaching Program, co-created with you
    Valid for 3 months
    • Coaching intake and goal setting
    • Six 1-hour virtual coaching sessions
    • Assessments added as required (additional cost)
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